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Here are some of the best chippies in Greater Manchester

Did your favourite chippy make the list?



@anchorsdidsbury / Instagram & wrightsfishandchips / Instagram

It’s National Fish and Chip Day 2021, so obviously you need to drop whatever it is you’re doing and head out to your local chippy immediately.

Here in Manchester we have an excellent selection of eateries to satisfy your fish and chip cravings, with some even ranking among the best in the entire country.

Here’re some of the best ones for today’s special occasion…

Tony’s Chippy

Tony’s Chippy

With two locations in the Northern Quarter and up by the Etihad Stadium, Tony’s Chippy has been sorting out Mancs (and plenty of City fans) with their iconic battered cod and haddock for years.

It even won the Good Food Award for best fish and chips in 2020 after evaluating customer feedback and exceptional levels of food quality, service and value for money.

Tony’s Chippy, 3 Piercy St, Manchester M4 7HY
0161 205 4593


Sykes is one of the most popular chippies in Salford, with it ranking at the top of a ‘Best Chippies’ poll voted on by MEN readers in 2020 – the beloved Pendlebury fry house even made Britain’s Top 50.

“With thousands of entries Sykes is proud to be named one of the UK’s top 50 fish and chip takeaways,” read a statement on social media.

“This is a prestigious award and the competition was high.”

Sykes, 596 Bolton Rd, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 4ET
0161 793 9249

Fish at Goose Green / Facebook

The Fish at Goose Green

This Wigan chippy offers not only the classic fish and chips, but pies (because Wigan), seafood and chicken, too.

This eatery also made the Britain’s Top 50 list, with owners welcoming the ‘fantastic news’ after a ‘hard year.’

They stated: “We are extremely proud of our staff and are thankful for the continued support from all of our customers. I think there’s only one thing left to say… Who’s up for a Chippy tea?”

12 Clapgate Ln, Goose Green, Wigan WN3 6RN
01942 244952

Atlantic Fish Bar

Okay, this is arguably the best value for money chippy in the whole of Manchester – their meat pies are priced at an outrageous £1.65, while a portion of their chippy chips will set you back just £2. A small price for a plate of perfection, isn’t it?

All the fish is made to order, so there is minimal soggy batter, too. And, with the venue being open until midnight, it makes the perfect post-pint order on your walk/stagger home.

Atlantic Fish Bar,557 Wilbraham Rd, Manchester M21 0AE
0161 861 0765

wrightsfishandchips / Instagram


Traditional fish and chips done right (no pun intended).

Located conveniently in the city centre, Wright’s really has it all and is dangerously close to office blocks to tempt all you 9-5’ers into a chippy tea as a reward for a long week’s graft.

Their menu is varied, with everything from perfectly battered cod, fish cakes, scampi and even fish fingers.

Wright’s Fish & Chips,86 Cross St, Manchester M2 4LA
0161 222 6105

Chips @ No.8

This Prestwich chippy was initially made famous for having a 20ft mural of The Fall frontman Mark E. Smith painted on the side of its building – but, putting arty exterior aside, their staple fish and chips is the true reason for their popularity.

This chippy was another Manc icon to make the Britain’s Top 50 list, with the owners stating in a Facebook post: “There are more than 10,500 fish and chip shops in the UK and our little chippy down a side street in P-Town has been listed in the Top 50!!!

“This is a prestigious list and we’re incredibly proud to have made it.”

8 Clifton Rd, Prestwich, Manchester, M25 3HQ

@anchorsdidsbury / Instagram

Anchors Fish & Chips

Once called Fosters, this Didsbury icon was once noted by the Times to be in the top 30 fish & chip shops in the whole country, so it would be sacrilege to leave them off this list.

Now called Anchors, they have everything you need to either take away or enjoy in house, which is actually quite pleasurable in comparison the usual plastic seats and tables.

Anchors Fish & Chips, 812 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M20 6UH
0161 445 4430

Food & Drink

Manchester bar named one of the best rooftop bars in Europe

Very well deserved!



Manchester’s very own 20 Stories has been named as one of the best rooftop bars in the whole of Europe.

Opening its doors back in 2018, 20 Stories is perched on the twentieth floor of the NO.1 building in Spinningfields (so that’s where their name comes from…) and is Manchester’s tallest restaurant – despite technically being three storeys below the Cloud 23 bar in Beetham Tower.

The D&D-owned bar is estimated to be about one metre higher, and boasts gorgeous panoramic views of the city’s skyline and beyond.

@20storiesmcr / Instagram

On clear days, guests can even see all the way out to the Peak District from the elusive roof terrace – so, obviously, it’s going to make the cut for a list of the best rooftop bars, isn’t it?

The ranking was put together by travel guide Big 7 Travel, who analysing online reviews from Google, TripAdvisor, and previous media coverage.

In the fifty-strong list, 20 Stories came in nineteenth place, beating other contenders from desirable locations such as Oslo, Berlin, Prague and Ibiza. 

@20storiesmcr / Instagram

Big 7 Travel said about the venue: “The rooftop terrace has fast become one of the must-be places in the city: it has has trees scaling two stories high and an outdoor lounge bar serving cocktails and craft beers.”

However, 20 Stories was beaten to the top spot by The Culpeper in London, which was crowned number one in all of Europe. Damn it.

Over the years, 20 Stories has become famed for its fancy cocktail menu, which includes original and local creations such as the ‘Champagne Supernova’, the ‘Manchester Gin Negroni’ and the ‘Manchester Tart Punch.’

@20storiesmcr / Instagram

It also runs an indoor restaurant up on the terrace, though it was forced to close for three days this week after a Covid-19 outbreak among staff members.

Click here to see the full list and all it’s wonderful contenders.

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Food & Drink

Huge, saucy Neapolitan sandwiches have arrived in Manchester and they look so good

Move over pizza, there’s a new Neapolitan classic in town…



@mira.mcr / Instagram

Just when you thought Manchester’s Neapolitan food scene couldn’t get any better, saucy sandwiches from the heart of Naples have arrived in the city.

MIRA, the latest pop up to grace Manchester’s streets, have set up shop at Ancoats’ popular pub, The Crown & Kettle, where they will be dishing out delicious butties every Saturday and Sunday, from 12pm ‘till it’s gone.

Their first ever weekend last month was a complete sell-out, so they must be doing something right.

The menu offers just three staple Neapolitan options – the Diego, the Balls and the Juicy ‘Gine.

@mira.mcr / Instagram

First up: The Diego. Named presumably after Argentine footballer, Diego Maradona, who features heavily on the MIRA Instagram page, this hearty creation is loaded with Genovese stew – a highly popular dish in Naples consisting of beef brisket, salumi and onions.

Next, we have the classic, The Balls. I mean, it says it in the name, doesn’t it? This sandwich is loaded with twelve-hour slow-cooked beef and pork meatballs coated in a traditional Neapolitan ragu. The filling is then paired with Fior Di Latte mozzarella and basil – Italian perfection.

@mira.mcr / Instagram

And last but certainly not least, is the vegan Juicy ‘Gine, a meat-free butty filled with smoky aubergine parmigiana alongside MIRA’s own cashew cheese, aubergines, fresh basil and pine nuts – a concoction that both meat-eaters and veggies and vegans will love.

To find out where you can get your mitts on one of these colossal butties and to stay updated with their whereabouts, you can follow MIRA’s Instagram page here.

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Food & Drink

People are making Biscoff iced lattes and they look perfect for this heatwave

Just when we thought Biscoff couldn’t get any better



@thatfoodiejess & @caffeinatedwith.chi / TikTok

A Biscoff iced latte is now a thing, so you all need to stop what you’re doing and make one immediately.

Biscoff has boomed in popularity in recent years – what was once the random little biscuit you’d get free with your coffee is now a cultural phenomenon.

These days, Biscoff is just as famous for its delicious smooth and crunchy spreads as it is for its original biscuits. You can also buy Biscoff sauce, Biscoff ice cream and Biscoff and Go pots. It’s a great time to be alive.

The brand has also partnered with food giants such as KitKat and Krispy Kreme to offer an even wider range of delicious Biscoff products.

@lotusbiscoffuk / Instagram

But now, people’s dedication to the delicious biscuit has been taken one step further with a tantalising recipe for a homemade Biscoff iced latte.

As the heatwave continues to grip the nation, this ingenious concoction will make for the perfect summer treat.

As a TikTok video by Melinda’s Homemade Cafe demonstrates, all you need to do is brew your espresso coffee, microwave your Biscoff spread for around ten seconds to warm it up and give it the right consistency, and then add the hot espresso to the Biscoff mixture and give it a good stir so they melt together.

After that, add a healthy amount of ice to cool the drink alongside a milk or cream of your choice.

And if you’re feeling really fancy you can top with whipped cream and crumbled Biscoff biscuit, too.

There have been tons of variations of methods on how to perfect the Biscoff iced latte on the app, though I have to say, they all look equally delicious. 

And this isn’t the only Biscoff trend circulating the internet these days – last month, we reported that a Biscoff air freshener had hit the shelves.

Described as ‘sweet, indulgent and totally divine’, the caramelised biscuit fragrance is packed with notes of lemon rind alongside warming notes of ginger, clove, cinnamon, vanilla, sugar and nutmeg – or just Biscoff, to the rest of us.

What else will be born from our love of Biscoff? 

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