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Red’s True BBQ is doing a bottomless brunch in Manchester with loads of meat and cocktails

I need this!

Alex Watson



Red's True Barbecue Manchester/Facebook

Red’s True BBQ Manchester is now doing bottomless brunch, and it’s a big old meaty extravaganza. 

The BBQ Bottomless Brunch is set to take place on Sundays, starting this weekend, giving you an hour and a half to knock back as many drinks as you can. 

The deal sees diners choose their own brunch dish and enjoy 90 minutes of unlimited drinks for just £29.95. 

It’s available at the Lloyd Street venue in Manchester, as well as Leeds and Nottingham venues. 

Hallelujah its Red's Bottomless BBQ Sunday Brunch! Starts 6/09/20. Choose any brunch menu dish & enjoy 90 minutes of…

Posted by Red's True Barbecue Manchester on Wednesday, 2 September 2020

Red’s also recently confirmed they will be extending their Eat Out to Help Out scheme discount on specific days in September.

They said: “We’re keeping the EOHO scheme going throughout September but this time Red himself is paying!

“You’ll get the same awesome benefits as before with 50% off your food bill to a maximum of £10 per person.

“We’re moving the days to Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday so you can still enjoy some epic midweek BBQ!”

Bookings are advised for bottomless brunch as it’s likely to get pretty busy! Book here

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Food & Drink

Iceland launch UK’s hottest supermarket pizza and curry as part of extra hot Halloween range

Think you can handle it?

Alex Watson




Iceland is bringing back the UK’s hottest supermarket range with products starting at just £1.50. 

The ‘Scarily Spicy’ range is back at Iceland with fearsome products just in time for Halloween, and it’s set to be hotter than ever before. 

There are two new products hitting shelves, the Scarily Spicy Ghost Chilli Chicken Breast Fillet Chunks, and Even Hotter Scarily Spicy Stonebaked Pizza.

Plus the old favourite, Carolina Reaper Curry, is back to inflict just a little more pain into the year! 


Disguised as an innocent pizza, Iceland’s Even Hotter Scarily Spicy Stone-baked Pizza will set you back £1.50, and is apparently ‘made in the foothills of Mount Etna’.

It boasts a new 24-hour-rested dough recipe that gives it an even crispier base. 

Sitting on top of the innovative dough is the impossibly spicy sauce, plus mozzarella, spicy chicken and green jalapeño peppers – it’s not at all for the faint-hearted.


Back on the menu is the limited-edition challenger, Carolina Reaper Curry, which was first released in 2108.

The tikka chicken curry is laced with Carolina Reaper chilli and garnished with an entire Jinta pepper.

A previous review really sells the curry: “Jeez! I like a hot curry, and a robust chilli, but this was not for the faint hearted. My mouth was instantly on fire and I was left gasping for breath. This was fierce!”

It continues: “You’ll need a platter of rice, and a tub of sour cream to temper its ferocity. Flavoursome enough if your taste-buds are forgiving. The decorative chilli served atop should be regarded as a challenge for those that survive. Who needs a sauna after that?” 

The other new product, Iceland Scarily Spicy Ghost Chilli Chicken Breast Fillet Chunks, will set you back just £3. 

Made with Iceland’s 100% chicken breast chunk recipe sprinkled with an intimidating amount of ghost chilli pepper powder. 

Iceland’s 4 Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Quarter Pounders – which contain the world’s hottest chilli in between juicy beef patties – also received rave reviews and is back on the menu.

For a firey bangers and mash, the Scarily Spicy Ghost Chilli Pork Sausages (£2.25, 500g) are perfect for fearless families. 

Returning due to popular demand are the Iceland Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Chicken Breast Fillet Chunks (£3.00, 500g) and the Iceland Scarily Spicy Carolina Reaper Chicken Breast Fillet Strips (£3.00, 540g) too! 

Chilli fans won’t be disappointed by this huge and spicy line-up at Iceland, which is on shelves now.

Find your nearest Iceland here


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Food & Drink

Walkers is giving away £10k and a year’s supply of Wotsits to whoever finds the longest Wotsit


Alex Watson




Walkers is offering £10k to the person who finds the longest Wotsits Giant. 

Wotsits Giants are – you guessed it – big versions of the classic puffed crisp, launched earlier this month. 

Walkers has now launched the search for the longest Wotsits Giant in the UK, and you could win £10k and a year’s supply of the snack if you find it! 

If you find it, you’ll even be making history as the record-breaking Wotsit will be displayed at the Walkers factory. 

Luckily, Walkers have also revealed a way to measure your Wotsit.

Karl Chamberlain who works in quality control at Walkers is equipped with the knowledge of how to measure and taste Wotsit Giants, and he’s given you a few tips. 

Karl said: “Wotsits Giants come in all shapes and sizes.

“On average, they are twice as large as classic Wotsits, measuring 6.5cm in length with a diameter of almost 2cm, but some fall outside of our average size margins. We call these ‘super Giants’ at the factory.


“To measure them accurately, it’s important to turn the Wotsits Giant in question on its side so that it forms an arch or backwards c-shape against your measuring device, whether that’s a ruler or tape measure (or in our case, callipers).

“Then, to get the true length, make sure you measure from outer tip to outer tip. Millimetres make all the difference.”

To be within the chance of winning £10k AND a year’s supply of the iconic crisps, simply measure your Wotsit and upload a picture to this Twitter post with the measurement in millimetres. 

You’ll need to hold onto your mammoth Wotsit too as some will need to be called in for physical verification – so do not eat it!!

The winner will be drawn from a list of those verified and will be announced in late October.

The search for the longest Wotsit comes to an end on October 6th this year – so be quick. 

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Food & Drink

Yorkshire Tea is launching a brand new toast and jam flavour brew

This is interesting…

Alex Watson



Yorkshire Tea

If you’ve ever wanted to drink your breakfast but don’t fancy a smoothie, how does a jam and toast flavour tea sound? 

Best served with a splash of milk, this new flavour from Yorkshire Tea is both fruity and comforting and could be the new breakfast staple. 

Toast & Jam Brew is sourced and blended from natural ingredients, and will be exclusively available at Asda from September 24th. 

Tea Innovation Manager at Yorkshire Tea, Kate Halloran, said: “Toast & Jam is a lip-smacking smattering of toasty, jammy loveliness.

“Perfect for mornings, it is a strong breakfast blend with all of the loveliness of jam on toast without the crumbs!

“We wanted to create a tea that will send people into their day with a spring in their step and a smile in their soul.”

Adding: “This new brew has been a long time in the making and I absolutely can’t wait for everyone to try it. We hope you love it as much as we do.”

Calum Lewis/Unsplash

A 40 pack of tea bags will set you back just £2.29 – a small price to pay for the taste of breakfast all in one mug. 

Yorkshire Tea tweeted the news this morning and followed up with a ‘FAQs’. They wrote ‘it’s a real tea that tastes like a real tea but also toast and also jam’, adding ‘what sort of jam? Not telling’.

They also said ‘it’s well nice m8’.

The new flavour has certainly divided fans of Yorkshire Tea. 

One user wrote: “you are becoming more polarising than Brexit… can’t see it working for me.”

Another added: “I’m sorry I love your tea but this is just weird . Tea has to be dark and muddy in colour and taste like tea”.

One simply wrote ‘I do not know how I feel about this’ and to be honest, me too. 

Will you be trying the new flavour? 

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