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NEW OPENING: The Old Trafford spot serving up churros, whipped gelato and charcoal barbecue meat

Formerly known as Marsei’s, Whipp’n’ Charcoal & Churros is on a mission to bring freshly prepared and quality food back to Manchester

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Old Trafford’s latest opening, Whipp ‘n’ Charcoal & Churros, is offering the eclectic mix of Caribbean-Indian fusion barbecue, Italian gelato and homemade Spanish churros.

Those of you who have frequented the Old Trafford area might be familiar with an establishment called Marsei’s – opening in a makeshift shipping container in late 2019, Marsei’s became a firm favourite among locals for it’s Caribbean-Indian fusion offerings, particularly during the Covid-19 pandemic when it was one of the only restaurants still operating as a ‘grab and go’ in the area.

Marsei’s founder and owner Deiago has always been an avid lover of food, a passion that has reflected in his career choices. Over the years, he has worked as a chef in a number of different kitchens across Manchester, such as Almost Famous, Gusto and The Ivy.

However, after finding himself becoming disheartened by the lack of fresh food being cooked and served in larger establishments, Deiago pushed himself to open and run his very own kitchen, vowing to ‘always cook everything we offer from scratch on that day.’

Speaking with Proper Manchester, Deiago explained that it wasn’t until his partner was nearing the end of her pregnancy with their son that the opportunity arose to open his own restaurant.

He said: “People have always mentioned that I need to open my own place up so, when the opportunity presented itself at the end of 2019, I just thought that when my little boy is born, I’d love to be working in my own place so he can grow up watching his dad grafting away.

“I had the money put together at the time so I decided to take a leap of faith and go for it. We decided that our little boy would be called Marsei before his birth, so I decided to name the shop after him because, at the end of the day, he was who I was doing it all for.”

Every day, Deiago and his team would prepare their food from the ground up, with absolutely nothing pre-cooked being served. He added: “A team of three or four of us was just smashing it out every single day, making fresh food for people to come and take away.”

Things couldn’t have been going better for Marsei’s and business was booming – but at the start of this year, a new opportunity presented itself in the form of two suntanned friends returning from a trip to Spain with a craving for churros.

Deiago explained: “At the start of this year, two friends of mine proposed the idea of opening up a dessert shop. They came up with the concept after a trip to Spain and experiencing churros. At the time, they thought, ‘we don’t have this back in Manchester.’

“So we decided to collaborate and one thing led to another… We threw a lot of money into revamping the business, and we eventually renamed the shop Whipp ‘n’ Charcoal and Churros.”

The era of Marsei’s was officially brought to a close, though elements of the original restaurant remain in their new venture; Whipp ‘n’ Charcoal and Churros’ menu includes charcoal cooked punjabi and tandoori chicken, Caribbean jerk, and the East Coast chilli chicken, all made from scratch and in house. Guests will be able to build their own ‘Charcoal meals’, choosing their own sauces, marinades and sides.

And as for the dessert offering?

Well, it says it on the tin: Whipp ‘n’ Charcoal & Churros maintains a strong focus on churros, with Deiago even investing in a churro maker to make his own from scratch. All the sauces to accompany the churros are also made fresh in house.

A menu highlight is definitely the looped churro; vanilla whipped gelato with a churro pressed in the top covered in fresh milk chocolate sauce, topped with nibbed roasted peanuts and sherbert.

The churros can be filled with either a white chocolate sauce or a milk chocolate sauce (Deiago assured me that a fruit coulis is in the works). Traditional churros without a filling are also up for grabs and, instead of being accompanied with a sauce, are simply sprinkled with a little sugar and cinnamon.

There will also be the option to buy a luxury churro box, which comes with four looped churros each flavoured differently such as Lotus Biscoff, chocolate and nut, white chocolate sprinkle, and sherbet.

But it’s their gelato that steals the show – made using ingredients imported directly from Italy, the gelato is put through a whipping machine to be transformed into their signature whipped gelato – a posh Italian Mr. Whippy, if you will.

Whipp ‘n’ Charcoal & Churros & will be operating as a fully plastic-free ‘grab and go,’ but Deiago is hopeful for it to become a sit down restaurant at some point in the near future.

There are also ambitious plans for the food, too. He explained: “We’re hoping to expand to do world barbecue, such as Korean barbecue, so when guests come to choose their flavour, we’ll have a number of world barbecue options for them to choose from.”

Whipp ‘n’ Charcoal & Churros can be found down Kings Road at Old Trafford and will be officially opening next week on Wednesday, September 1st.

To stay posted on menu updates and news, follow their official Instagram page here, and to place an order, give them a call at 0161 641 9042

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There’s a restaurant in Manchester dedicated entirely to toasties

There’s also a new menu of loaded jacket potatoes and shakes…

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Manchester's Finest Group

Manchester’s very own toasty restaurant has launched a brand new menu with loaded fries, jacket potatoes and shakes.

Frankie’s Toasties found life back in 2018 when a ‘typical born ‘n’ bred Manc lad’ decided to share his love of the humble toasty with the good people of Manchester.

Frankie’s was quick to earn a name for itself among foodies across the city, mainly thanks to its eclectic menu of toasties, all costing just £3.25 a piece.

Fillings include Supernoodles, ‘builder’s breakfast’ and cheese, mac and cheese, pulled pork and hot ramen with cheese, as well as some classics such as ham and cheese and tuna melt.

Manchester’s Finest Group

Manchester’s Finest Group

Frankie’s also boasts a selection of ‘sweet’ toasties, with fillings such as Nutella, Lotus Biscoff and S’Mores with chocolate and marshmallow.

And now, Frankie’s has launched a brand new menu with some exciting new additions.

Joining its usual toasties is a new menu of loaded jacket potatoes, all of which can be customised with an array of tasty toppings and fillings for just £4.

Customers can choose from classic fillings such as tuna mayonnaise, chilli con carne and baked beans, as well as some more unusual choices including spicy ramen noodles, BBQ pulled pork, meatball marinara and creamy garlic mushrooms.

Manchester’s Finest Group

Manchester’s Finest Group

Extra toppings include hash browns, fresh chillies, nacho cheese and jalapeños.

The new menu also boasts loaded ‘filthy’ fries and over thirty milkshake flavours, ranging from banoffee pie, Nutella, salted caramel, Snickers and Kinder Bueno, as well as a number of vegan options.

Frankies Toasties can be found at its original restaurant down Portland Street, and also at its new site in the Arndale food market.

For more information on the menu and where to find your closest Frankie’s, visit the Frankie’s Toasties website.

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Manchester cocktail bar voted one of the best in the entire world

Another win for Manchester…

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A cocktail bar in Manchester has been voted as one of the best in the entire world. 

Each year, a panel of expert bartenders, drinks writers, cocktail specialists and educators select the very best cocktail bars the world has to offer for the World’s Best 50 Bars awards.

And for 2022, a cocktail bar situated right here in Manchester made the list for the top 100 establishments across the globe.

Joining bars from far-flung locations like Krakow, New York, Singapore, Cape Town and Sydney is Schofield’s, a new bar on the scene situated in Sunlight House down Little Quay Street. / Instagram

Schofield’s – owned and operated by Bury-born brothers Dan and Joe Schofield – has proved to be a huge hit among city centre punters thanks to its team of knowledgable cocktail connoisseurs, who put intricate mixes on both classics and their own unique signature drinks.

Drink highlights include the Guinness Punch – Bacardi Ocho, Guinness, condensed milk, nutmeg and vanilla – and the Lone Tree – Chase GB Gin, Schofield’s very own Dry Vermouth and orange bitters. 

Reacting to the news on Instagram, the Schofield brothers said: “We are a little lost for words upon hearing the news that we ranked as the 59th Best Bar in the World (The World’s 50 Best Bars List 2022) making us the only bar in England to place in the list outside of London since 2008.

“We’ve said it before and we’ll say it many more times but this is a true testament to the hard work put in by the team on a daily basis. We are proud to call you colleagues and proud to work alongside you. / Instagram

“After opening during the Global pandemic, we never imagined we would receive this sort of recognition and it drives us to be better and do better for you, our guest.

“We are proud to play a small part in the thriving food and drink community in Manchester. We look forward to seeing you at the bar soon!”

Schofields is open from 12pm – 1.30am Wednesday to Sunday, and accepts both walk-ins and bookings.

Book your table here.

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Manchester Christmas Market’s legendary Yorkshire pudding wraps are BACK this year

The wraps can be filled with a selection of roasted meats, vegetables, potatoes and gravy

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@mcrchristmasmarkets & @poeticinspirationbyangel / Instagram

The Manchester Christmas Markets’s world-famous Yorkshire pudding wraps will officially be making a comeback for 2022.

Last week, Manchester City Council announced that the annual markets would be returning on November 10th, where they will operate across the city centre until December 22nd. 

And now, the undisputed highlight of the markets has also confirmed its return; the famous Yorkshire pudding wrap.

Porky Pig, the vendor behind the delicious invention, took to social media to announce it would once again be serving up its hearty wraps ‘bigger than ever’ throughout the duration of the markets.

They wrote: “Manchester Christmas Markets 2022 we are coming for you bigger than ever this year. We are excited to get back to what we do best.”

The Yorkshire pudding wraps – which catapult to viral fame every year – can be filled with a  selection of pork, gammon, beef, chicken and lamb, along with a selection of roasted vegetables, potatoes, stuffing and lashings of gravy.

This is all wrapped up in a giant Yorkshire pudding for guests to enjoy there and then.

And this year, market-goers will also be able to feast upon battered pigs in blankets, pigs in blanket barms, and even a giant pig in blanket wrapped up in a Yorkshire pudding. 

Porky Pig

The Manchester Christmas Markets will this year be returning to the ‘Winter Gardens’ at Piccadilly Gardens.

It is likely that stalls will also operate on Market Street, St Ann’s Square, King Street, Exchange Square and Cathedral Gardens, though this is yet to be confirmed by the council.

Manchester’s Christmas Market spokesperson, Councillor Pat Karney, said: “With Christmas Day a mere three months away, that can only mean one thing – Manchester Christmas Markets Day is even sooner!

“In fact, there’s only seven weeks left to go until you can grab a gluhwein and buddy up with a bratwurst whilst checking out the fantastic Christmas gifts and goodies on the best Christmas Market in the land. Mark it on your calendars – 10 November – they’re back!”

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