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Full list of McDonald’s August prices including 49p cheeseburgers and McFlurrys

So cheap…

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David Lally / Geograph

In case you were unaware, the government’s Eat Out to Help Out scheme is being launched next month, in which diners can get 50% off their meals when they dine out.

Loads of places are taking part in the scheme, from brilliant local establishments all the way through to global fast food chains.

And McDonald’s is no different, with the company confirming they’ll be offering the discount, which customers can claim from Monday to Wednesday throughout August.


As a result, the prices of all your favourite menu items are going to be super cheap, including 49p cheeseburgers and McFlurrys, as well as 20 nuggets for just £2.39.

There’s no limit to the amount of times you can use the offer, so in theory you could have breakfast, dinner and tea out if you wanted – the discount is capped at £10 per customer, however.

On top of that, the discount is only available when you eat in at a McDonald’s restaurant, and won’t be available on orders through Ubereats or Just Eat.


Here’s the full list, courtesy of HotUKDeals:


  • Big Mac – £1.69
  • Bacon Cheese Burger – £0.99
  • Bacon Mayo Chicken – £0.69
  • Double Cheese Burger – £0.79
  • Quarter Pounder – £1.69
  • Vegetable Deluxe – £1.69
  • Filet-O-Fish – £1.69
  • Cheese Burger – £0.49
  • McChicken Sandwich – £1.69
  • Hamburger – £0.44
  • Mayo Chicken – £0.49

  • 20 Chicken Nuggets – £2.39
  • 9 Chicken Nuggets – £1.89
  • 5 Chicken Selects – £2.39
  • Veggie Dippers – £1.69
  • 3 Chicken Selects – £1.84
  • 6 Chicken Nuggets – £1.69
  • Mozzarella Dippers Share-box – £2.54
  • Mozzarella Dippers – £0.94
  • Dips – £0.10
  • Happy Meal – £1.49

  • Large Fries – £0.74
  • Medium Fries – £0.59
  • Small Fries – £0.49

  • Mini McFlurry – £0.39
  • McFlurry – £0.49
  • Milkshake – £0.94
  • Large Milkshake – £1.04

No sugar drinks:

  • Small – £0.45
  • Medium – £0.49
  • Large – £0.6

Sugar taxed drinks:

  • Small – £0.48
  • Medium – £0.55
  • Large – £0.76

  • Tropicana – £0.69
  • Water – £0.64
  • Robinsons Fruit Shoot – £0.49

Hot drinks:

  • Flat White – £0.74
  • Latte – £0.74
  • Cappuccino – £0.74
  • Black Coffee – £0.49
  • White Coffee – £0.49
  • Single Espresso – £0.39
  • Double Espresso – £0.49
  • Hot Chocolate – £0.49
  • PG Tips Tea – £0.49

Food & Drink

New pink restaurant serving fried chicken, mac n cheese and seafood boxes opens next week

This looks amazing!

Alex Watson



202 Kitchen

202 Kitchen is a new bar and restaurant which is set to open next week in the city centre. 

Featuring the perfect pink Instagram wall and a menu full of deliciously indulgent food, 202 Kitchen is set to be your new favourite place.

Originally launched in Birmingham, this is the second site for the restaurant, who are hoping to bring the new food concept of ‘trapbox’ cuisine to Manchester.

You’ll find colourful foods including mac’n’cheese, waffles, fried chicken, burgers, and grilled seafood piled into a box.

202 Kitchen will also be offering an extensive cocktail and drinks menu with exciting wines, beers and spirits alongside the trapbox kitchen.

The new restaurant has implemented social distancing ahead of opening on August 21st to ensure everyone is comfortable and safe.

The restaurants is decked out almost entirely bright pink, complete with a sheltered outdoor space. 

Follow 202 Kitchen on Instagram – @202Kitchen – to keep up to date! 

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Food & Drink

Krispy Kreme is doing half price doughnuts this August under the Eat Out scheme

Treat yourself!!

Alex Watson



Bill Nicholls/Geograph & JoshyyyAC/Twitter

You can grab half-price Krispy Kreme doughnuts under the new Eat Out to Help Out scheme, even if you’re taking away.

The American doughnut chain, which is easily everybody’s favourite, has opted into the government’s latest scheme, seeing them slash prices Monday through to Wednesday.

Customers can grab 50% off meals up to £10 per head when they dine in a restaurant.

However, many people have been gutted this means you can’t takeaway some of their favourite foods. 

Well, while some of the Krispy Kreme stores in Manchester are actually offering the deal on all doughnuts when you eat in, there’s even better news if you’re a fan of the classic original glazed doughnuts – as there’s an extra special offer to be had!

They have also extended the offer to takeaway original glazed doughnuts, meaning you can grab 12 original doughnuts for just £5.23 and eat them wherever you want. 

The deal is available at Manchester Trafford Box and Manchester Trafford Park Hotlight, where you can eat in until 7pm and the drive-thru is open until 10pm. 

Find out more. 

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Food & Drink

Tesco already has Christmas chocolate boxes on sale and shoppers are loving it


Alex Watson




Some eagle-eyed shoppers have spotted the festive red tubs of Celebration’s making an appearance in Tesco stores already. 

The one thing we’re all looking forward to this year is the festive season. Filled with good food, amazing chocolates and enough booze to forget the year. 

The Instagram account ‘kevssnackreviews’ posted a picture of towers of Celebrations boxes in Tesco with the caption ‘looks like the Christmas tubs are appearing in supermarkets now’. 

If you’re a keen Christmas shopper, you can bag these boxes for just £4 in Tesco at the minute! You can also find them online at the same price. 

It turns out everyone is buzzing with some users commenting: “Temped to get out of my pjs and run down to Tescos purely for these beauts”.

Another pointed out just how mental this year has been with the comment:”2020 has no rules. might put might put up my christmas tree Sunday and eat an out of date cadbury creme egg”.

An eager beaver commented that Quality Street tubs are also available in some B&M stores – so keep your eyes peeled! 

With these huge boxes of chocolates back on the shelves and the threat of another nationwide lockdown, we might just have ourselves a toilet roll situation like in March 2020 – but with Christmas Celebrations boxes… in August.

Merry Christmas everyone!!! Too early?? 

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