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A Bottomless Disney Brunch is coming to Manchester and it’s going to be magical!

This brunch club is bringing food, bottomless drinks and everything Disney…




Mixing Disney with Bottomless Brunch is a match made in heaven and once you add in a quiz – you’re looking at one of the most magical events of 2020 – although that’s not too hard to find at the moment!

Taking place at Revolution on Parsonage Gardens on Saturday 4th October, you’ll choose can choose dishes ranging from grills or avocado brunch to blueberry, banana and Nutella pancakes,  alongside bottomless drinks that include;



You’ll then be treated to sing-a-long Disney tunes and a special Disney Quiz featuring questions on The Lion King, Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Frozen any many more!

The venue will be fully prepared and set-up to be COVID-19 compliant – meaning tickets are limited. In other words – be quick!


Food & Drink

Dishoom is extending 50% off deal to cover the entire bill with no £10 cap

And there’s no cap!!

Alex Watson



Dishoom has taken the Eat Out to Help Out scheme one step further and extended the offer with no £10 cap. 

This means you can get as much food and soft drink as you want, no matter how many of you there are at the table, and still get 50% off.

So just two of you could eat £80 worth of food and soft drink but your bill will come to just £40 – bargain.

The offer is available Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday throughout August. 

Dishoom Manchester/Facebook

The Eat Out to Help Out scheme means everyone can get 50% off dining out throughout August. The scheme was put in place to get everyone back out and saving the hospitality industry. 

The government did put a £10 per head cap on the discount though, meaning each person at a table can eat up to £20 to get 50% off. 

Dishoom have decided to go all out, meaning you can feed on loads of really good food for half the price.

The chain has also noted the bargains to be had, such as a breakfast of Akuri or Kejriwal with bottomless Chai which will be just over £5.

For lunch, guests can get House Black Daal, Roomali Roti and a couple of Lamb Chops for less than £10. 

Dishoom Manchester/Facebook

Bookings are now being taken but they are already filling up super duper fast, so be quick if you want to get your hands on this bargain.

The discount is automatically placed on bills meaning you don’t need a voucher or registration, and if you’re willing to risk it walk-ins are also welcome! 

Like the Eat Out to Help Out scheme, the discount only applies to food and soft drinks. 

Book here! 

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Food & Drink

Scientists claim to have made the ‘perfect’ brew in a microwave

This might cause WW3…

Alex Watson



Acabashi & Apoltix/Wikimedia

New research by scientists in China claims that the perfect way to make a cup of tea is in the microwave. 

According to a spokesman for the American Institute of Physics, which published the research, they found a way to make the ‘perfect’ brew in the microwave. They added: “A future in which tea can be microwaved without ridicule may not be too far away.” 

The research, which was completed on August 4th this year, says the problem with using a microwave is that it doesn’t heat the water uniformly as a kettle does. This means that there will be cold spots. 

So what the actual problem with using a microwave, according to this research, is what you’re heating it up in. 


Essentially, these scientists created a problem to fix it – inventing a special vessel that has a silver-plated upper chamber which overcomes the problem with uneven heating of water in the microwave. 

And yes, this very specific metal is fine to put in the microwave. This is due to some seriously sciency geometry that I’m not even going to try and explain, you can read the full science report here if you’re in to that.

What this does mean though is that at some point in the future (hopefully not this year, I don’t think 2020 can handle it) microwaves will be designed with this new perfect water-heating accessory built-in.

And that means we’ll all be making a brew in the microwave fit for the Queen.

It’s safe to say the God tier level of tea, Yorkshire Tea, are NOT happy about it. And rightfully so. 

In fact, most people are pretty fuming about it, one Twitter user wrote: “As an American, use a pot if you don’t have a kettle. Microwaving a cup of tea is a crime against humanity and worthy of a punishment no lesser than the firing squad.”

Another simply put: “I’m sure it’s illegal.”.

Will you be throwing out the kettle for one of these new microwaves? 

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Food & Drink

Starbucks release brand new Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccino as part of new range

Take my money!!

Alex Watson




Starbucks is launching Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccinos and they sound amazing! 

If you like your drinks sweet this is going to be the one for you! The Peanut Butter Cup Frappuccino is a mixture of ice-cold peanut butter sauce, chocolate java chips all topped with whipped cream.

It’s a peanut lover’s dream all wrapped up in a plastic cup – but you’ll have to be quick it’s only on the menu for a limited time, from August 6th to September 30th. 

What started out as a ‘secret menu’ find, which sees Starbucks workers creating their own concoctions of delicious drinks using all the potions behind the counter, is now available for real on the menu. 


It’ll set you back £3.45 as a starting price, with prices going up as the size increases. 

If peanut butter is not your thing, Starbucks is bringing back they’re popular Chocolate Marshmallow S’mores Frappuccino – which sounds exactly like something a three-year-old would conjure up in their wildest Chocolate Factory dreams. 

It’s been off the menu for four years and is definitely making a welcomed return.

A mouth-watering mix of coffee, marshmallow flavoured syrup and milk chocolate sauce topped with marshmallow whipped cream and a digestive biscuit crumb inspired by the American campfire classic snack.

Sounds incredible right?! Find your nearest Starbucks here to order one, or if you prefer your drinks being brought right to your door opt for Starbucks Delivers or Uber Eats. 

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