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Woman left furious after husband wraps entire kitchen for Christmas

What would you do if you came home to your kitchen like this?

Jamie Roberts



Nichola Mullen-King / Facebook

One husband might be finding himself single for Christmas after his festive prank backfired, leaving his wife furious.

Nichola Mullen-King shared some photos of her husband Carl’s handiwork on Facebook, after he wrapped their entire kitchen up.

What started out as a simple Elf on the Shelf prank ended up in the entire room being wrapped up, including the fruit, eggs and utensils.

Nichola Mullen-King / Facebook

According to Nichola ‘divorce is on the cards’, although deep down I suspect she saw the funny side of the whole thing – I mean who wouldn’t?

You’ve got to admire his dedication to the prank, and he obviously took great care and consideration while wrapping it all up, as can be seen in the photos.

Nichola wrote on the Facebook post: “My arsehole of a husband came up with the bright idea for us to wrap part of the kitchen for elf on the shelf…. 2 hours later and a divorce on the cards, it’s done including the fruit, eggs, utensils and chopping board… Idiot even plugged the air freshener back in”.

Nichola Mullen-King / Facebook

Plugging the air freshener back in is a nice touch too, the man clearly has a keen eye for the little details.

And people were loving the wrapped kitchen, with the post having just under 50k comments and 45k shares at the time of writing, with many of the comments praising Carl’s work.

What would you do if you came home to your kitchen like this?


Gordon Ramsay has angered everyone again with his £56 Sunday roast

Not again…

Alex Watson



Fox Broadcasting Company

Gordon Ramsay has done it again, and this time fans are very unimpressed by his £56 Sunday roast. 

The TV chef has already been dragged for serving up a £19 Full English breakfast that was ‘pitiful’, with fans saying ‘where’s the rest of it?’

Someone also left a one-star review on TripAdvisor for ‘five small slices of meat and over salted fries’, aka steak and chips at his restaurant. 

Gordon announced the news of his Sunday lunch at the Savoy Grill in London on Instagram, writing:  “Sunday’s at @SavoyGrillGordonRamsay roast sirloin of beef with all the trimmings… absolutely stunning!!”.

Except fans were pretty disappointed that ‘all the trimmings’ didn’t exactly mean ‘all’.

One person wrote: “Is that a child’s portion?”, while another added: “Where’s the rest of it?”

A third person commented: “Error 404. Trimmings not found.”

The worst bit, the restaurant charges £56 for two courses and a drink.

The roast uses ‘prime local produce’ and the ‘precise culinary techniques’ used mean guests can ‘revel in the delights of roast sirloin of beef, seasonal vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, followed by a classic Savoy dessert – Baked Alaska’.

The website adds that you can top it off with your choice of ‘Bloody Mary or fruit cocktail’ for a two course experience ‘you’ll remember’.

But not everyone was as mortified as others.

One person pointed out: “If you want shit food and lots of it for a cheap price go to a Toby carvery, if you want quality food from a Michelin star chef it comes with a price!”

Another added: “Oh hell yes!” 

What do you think, would you pay £56 for a roast? 

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Family home transformed by 12-year-old daughter for just £50 after mum teaches her DIY

This looks amazing!

Alex Watson



Susie Levache/Facebook

A mother has revealed how her 12-year-old daughter transformed their home in just seven days, costing only £50.

Bea, daughter of Susie Levache, developed her DIY skills, including using a power drill and handsaw, by redecorating the family utility room, stairs and office – she also designed a feature wall. 

Susie shared her talented daughter on Facebook saying she was a ‘natural’ and did a ‘blinding job’. 

She added that her son, Ted, who is 15 also helped with the redecorating. 

Susie Levache/Facebook

Writing about the home office transformation, Susie said: “I usually tackle all the DIY projects alone but my 12 year old daughter took an interest and actually I figured I had a lot of time on my hands to rectify anything she might damage.

“Turns out after telling her to just go for it – she’s a natural and did a blinding job-with direction she did this herself. She was VERY handy with a handsaw.

“We just used some thin MDF strips, paint and a roll of wallpaper to transform my office.”

Susie Levache/Facebook
Susie Levache/Facebook

She added: “I supervised and told her how to use the spirit level and how to measure and cut the MDF strips we had.

“She was really nervous to begin with as she was worried that she would mess up.

“The room was gloomy and hadn’t really been used properly for ages anyway so she had nothing to lose – then there was no stopping her!

“This gave her the confidence to just go for it and after the first two panels she then did the rest alone.”

Susie Levache/Facebook
Susie Levache/Facebook

Susie has been renovating the family’s ’70s house for the past 10 months, and has used the recent time at home to help the plans move along. 

Susie kicked off their days in lockdown with homeschool, before switching it up to DIY projects in the afternoon. 

She added that the only thing they bought in lockdown was the kitchen handles, as the family used everything they could that they already had, including paint in the loft. 

She said: “Then we used up some old tester pots I had to stencil and hand paint an accent wall in a funky animal print design.

“She had the patience of a saint for hand painting that job!”

Susie Levache/Facebook

Susie Levache/Facebook

Speaking on the kitchen makeover, Susie explained: “The room was full of orange pine. I taught Bea how to use the drill and change the drill bits and how to use the little work bench.

“She filled the existing drawer holes, drilled new holes and put in different drawer pulls. They look fantastic!

“The whole room was then transformed with chalk paint (Frenchic) so all of it including the handles came to about £45 – we loved the end result.”

She shared the achievement on Facebook and the post has racked up over 9,000 likes.

Susie Levache/Facebook

Susie Levache/Facebook

The post read: “We had a grim ‘dumping ground’ utility room to part renovate – I showed her how to use a power drill at the weekend (very confident).

“My daughter customised the fronts of the drawers (looked easy but was tricky) then we used leftover paint to repaint the cupboards.

“We also made little initial blackboard effect plaques from leftover mdf, paint and glue – then aged them for the laundry baskets.

“As before, if my 12 year old and I can do this – ANYONE can do this.”

She continued: “The table now has pride of place on our terrace. During lockdown, we have taken all the blankets out, sat by the fire and drank hot chocolate in the cosy haven.

“It’s definitely a makeover we are proud of. It was probably around £20 if somebody wanted to have a go at upcycling. 

“It’s comforting that all the blood, sweat and tears that went into the planning, faffing and upkeep of the terrace garden – that it is enjoyed by everyone.”

Susie Levache/Facebook

Susie Levache/Facebook

Susie also added that the DIY projects haven’t just transformed the house they have also helped Bea’s confidence.

She said: “I was always a creative child and my daughter thought she didn’t have any skills before lockdown, I hope this will give her confidence that it’s all there. She just needed to believe she could do it!

“Initially she was quite timid about using the power tools and things, but now she’s so proud of what she’s achieved.

“Pre-lockdown I would never have thought to include Bea in my work – this period has really shown me that children are far more capable than we may think.”

You can follow the families renovation on their Instagram here

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A naked cleaning firm is hiring Mancunians and you can get paid £55 an hour


Alex Watson



If you’re after a job and don’t mind being in the buff, this is just the thing for you…

Bare Naked Cleaners are looking for body confident applicants from Manchester who are happy to get down and dirty in the nude.

The risque cleaning firm is hiring individuals who fancy running the vacuum cleaner around, dusting the top shelves and wiping all the surfaces. The only catch is – you have to be naked. 

The bonus is, though, you’ll get paid £55 an hour to do it! 


Jobs are available all over the country and applications are being taken from anyone who is happy to get their kit off! 

You’ll have to do a spot of dusting either completely naked, topless or in just your underwear.

Each job lasts two hours and you can get paid between £40 and £55 an hour as long as you are over 18!

On the application, you’ll need to specify your availability including the locations you can cover plus the role you are interested in. 

There’s a choice of cleaning, gardening or even just being a companion.

Christine Sandu/Unsplash

Penelope Wyser, owner of Bare Naked Cleaners, said: “Applicants will need to be body confident, outgoing and have a good sense of humour.

“It’s also important that they are able to put clients at ease. We welcome people of all shapes and sizes as we have a diverse clientele base.”

She continued: “Unlike other companies offering similar services, we do not charge our cleaners or clients a ‘signing up fee’. We take the safety of our cleaners very seriously and have measures in place to ensure their safety.”

If you’ve got the – ahem – balls, apply here

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