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This five-bedroom £300k house and BMW could be yours for just £2

Fancy a new house and car?

Alex Watson



Natalie Rowcroft / Raffall

A huge five-bedroom house in Salford and a BMW could be yours for just £2. 

The stunning property, worth around £300,000, has four double bedrooms, one smaller bedroom, a kitchen-diner, two bathrooms and a large back garden. 

Natalie and Bradley Rowcroft, who own the property, have decided to give away their house in a raffle competition in order to fulfill their dream of moving to Australia. 

The house was initially put up for sale earlier this year but due to the pandemic, the property market stalled. 

Natalie told the Manchester Evening News: “Due to Covid-19 our move has been stalled. We have been thinking, what do we do? We saw someone who moved to Australia by raffling their house off and thought to do the same.

“It is in a sought-out area of Salford, near Media City and Salford Royal Hospital. It is so hard to get onto the property market – somebody can for just £2.

“We need to sell 200,000 tickets for £2 a ticket. The raffle company takes a percentage of the cash. We will pay all of the legal fees both sides.”

Well this year has been a crazy year! 2020!As you all know we are moving to Australia 🇦🇺 But unfortunately due to…

Posted by Natalie Rowcroft on Tuesday, 21 July 2020

She added: “It has five bedrooms, two bathrooms, a driveway at the front, a beautiful garden and patio area, a lawn, a kitchen-diner, a utility room. It has four double bedrooms and new flooring.

“Who doesn’t want a car and a house for £2? We will give it as a package.

“We plan to move to Australia in October, as soon as the raffle tickets sell we will be able to announce the winner.

“We hope to find the winner by September, but will announce it as soon as possible. We are honest hardworking people who want to live our dream.”

The couple, who have been together since they were 14, had put off their dream of moving to Australia, but finally decided to take the plunge this year. 

Natalia, 33, and Bradley, 34, want to move to Brisbane with their three sons aged 14, 12 and seven. 

The winner of the raffle will be given the keys to their house and their BMW as it will be too expensive to transport to Australia.

They will also get some furniture, including the master bedroom furniture, the beds and a TV.

Will be chancing your luck and buying a raffle ticket


Gordon Ramsay has angered everyone again with his £56 Sunday roast

Not again…

Alex Watson



Fox Broadcasting Company

Gordon Ramsay has done it again, and this time fans are very unimpressed by his £56 Sunday roast. 

The TV chef has already been dragged for serving up a £19 Full English breakfast that was ‘pitiful’, with fans saying ‘where’s the rest of it?’

Someone also left a one-star review on TripAdvisor for ‘five small slices of meat and over salted fries’, aka steak and chips at his restaurant. 

Gordon announced the news of his Sunday lunch at the Savoy Grill in London on Instagram, writing:  “Sunday’s at @SavoyGrillGordonRamsay roast sirloin of beef with all the trimmings… absolutely stunning!!”.

Except fans were pretty disappointed that ‘all the trimmings’ didn’t exactly mean ‘all’.

One person wrote: “Is that a child’s portion?”, while another added: “Where’s the rest of it?”

A third person commented: “Error 404. Trimmings not found.”

The worst bit, the restaurant charges £56 for two courses and a drink.

The roast uses ‘prime local produce’ and the ‘precise culinary techniques’ used mean guests can ‘revel in the delights of roast sirloin of beef, seasonal vegetables and Yorkshire pudding, followed by a classic Savoy dessert – Baked Alaska’.

The website adds that you can top it off with your choice of ‘Bloody Mary or fruit cocktail’ for a two course experience ‘you’ll remember’.

But not everyone was as mortified as others.

One person pointed out: “If you want shit food and lots of it for a cheap price go to a Toby carvery, if you want quality food from a Michelin star chef it comes with a price!”

Another added: “Oh hell yes!” 

What do you think, would you pay £56 for a roast? 

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A naked cleaning firm is hiring Mancunians and you can get paid £55 an hour


Alex Watson



If you’re after a job and don’t mind being in the buff, this is just the thing for you…

Bare Naked Cleaners are looking for body confident applicants from Manchester who are happy to get down and dirty in the nude.

The risque cleaning firm is hiring individuals who fancy running the vacuum cleaner around, dusting the top shelves and wiping all the surfaces. The only catch is – you have to be naked. 

The bonus is, though, you’ll get paid £55 an hour to do it! 


Jobs are available all over the country and applications are being taken from anyone who is happy to get their kit off! 

You’ll have to do a spot of dusting either completely naked, topless or in just your underwear.

Each job lasts two hours and you can get paid between £40 and £55 an hour as long as you are over 18!

On the application, you’ll need to specify your availability including the locations you can cover plus the role you are interested in. 

There’s a choice of cleaning, gardening or even just being a companion.

Christine Sandu/Unsplash

Penelope Wyser, owner of Bare Naked Cleaners, said: “Applicants will need to be body confident, outgoing and have a good sense of humour.

“It’s also important that they are able to put clients at ease. We welcome people of all shapes and sizes as we have a diverse clientele base.”

She continued: “Unlike other companies offering similar services, we do not charge our cleaners or clients a ‘signing up fee’. We take the safety of our cleaners very seriously and have measures in place to ensure their safety.”

If you’ve got the – ahem – balls, apply here

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Wetherspoons chef who shared footage of what the kitchens are really like has been suspended

Oh no…

Alex Watson



@_jahkt / TikTok

This month, a TikTok star went viral after revealing what Wetherspoons kitchens are really like – but he’s now been suspended. 

The chef, known as J Salsa, posted videos on TikTok showing how Wetherspoons dishes are made, including a Full English, Chicken Korma and Chicken Wraps.

Some items were cooked from fresh such as fried eggs, but others were quite reliant on microwaves, leaving some TikTok users genuinely surprised.

In J Salsa’s latest video, captioned ‘I’m sorry Tim Martin’, he explains he has now been suspended for posting the videos, adding that his actions had been a ‘mistake. 

He explained that when the company’s head office found out, they contacted the pub where he works.

He said: “My manager has had a meeting with me today about the whole thing, the whole situation. They were really calm about it, to be honest.

“They understood and I explained my point of view – it was a mistake.”


I will sekrifice my OWN lyf 4 spoons✊🏽Reply to @emmyloulou_26 #spoons #fyp #foryou #curry #food #timefortenet #PerfectAsIAm

♬ Chicago Freestyle – Remix – Losfrms800

He continued: “I didn’t mean to cause no harm to the company. Long story short, I’m suspended until my disciplinary meeting where I will find out if I get fired or not.

“So no more Wetherspoon’s videos for now.”

But J Salsa is committed to the cause and told fans to expect plenty more content, adding: “I still got more though. I’ve got steaks for you, I’ve got burgers for you, but for now I can’t post them until I hear the decision.”

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