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Manchester is the most sex-obsessed city in the UK, according to new research

You sex pots!!!



Datingroo & Womanizer/Unsplash

A study has found the city most obsessed with sex, based on a range of internet searches like ‘free sex videos’, ‘handcuffs’ and ‘buy lube near me’. 

While many have been stuck at home with their partners, and others stuck alone scouring the internet for something a little bit raunchy, OnBuy Adult Department decided it was only right they created a sexy index and found out exactly which city in the UK was most the most obsessed with sex.

And it turns out it’s Manchester. Our filthy city came out with 272 sexy points in the index, which measures the likes of porn-related, sex toy and lubricant-related searches, as well as the number of adult shops in each city. 

Manchester came first (congratulations) for porn-related searches with 2,434 searches per 100,000 people in the last month alone. On average each month ‘sex videos’ were searched 9,900 times. This bagged our city 100 sex points. 

OnBuy Adult

We ranked seventh for ‘sex toy’ searches with 893 per 100,000 people, but we came out on top for lube related searches with 135 searches per 100,000 people last month alone. 

It was our level of porn and lubricant searches that bagged us our first place position. Birmingham came second with 250 sexy points while London took third place with 226 sexy points despite having a whopping 38 sex shops.

The least obsessed cities were Stoke-on-Trent with 93 points, Cardiff with 76 and Southampton with an anaphrodisiac 34. 

In other sexy news, Manchester also came out as the dogging capital of the UK a few months back, rather unsurprisingly given this most recent research. 


Over the last year, there was an 85% increase in the number of people searching for outdoor hookup spots, with experts blaming raised sexual tension due to lockdown and that scorching summer we had (if you can cast your mind back to June). 

Taking the spot for a top sh*g was rather weirdly, car parks, quickly followed by the slightly more risqué Ancoats canal. Even Manchester Central Library appeared on the list but those people must like things pretty hush hush. If you’re after some ideas for a fun sexy outdoor spot you can see the full list here

Stay kinky Manchester! 

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Nurses ‘in tears’ after group of friends send huge stack of pizzas to hospital anonymously

The friends sent the pizza to staff at their local critical care unit



@TWaltho / Twitter

A group of friends chipped in to order a load of pizzas to nurses working on a critical care unit, in a fantastic act of kindness.

One of the nurses who received the food said she was ‘lost for words’, after some anonymous good Samaritans ordered a huge takeaway for staff at their local hospital.

Critical care nurse Tina Waltho tweeted a photo of the pizza boxes, which turned up this week at the Royal Stoke University Hospital.

Staff were surprised when a takeaway driver dropped off six pizzas – margherita, pepperoni, meat feast, chicken, BBQ and veggie – as well as two garlic breads from an ‘unknown source’.

The pizzas had been sent by a group of close friends, who had dipped into their own pockets to spread some cheer to under-pressure and hungry NHS workers.

Tina said: “At a time when healthcare staff feel so low and deflated, responses like this remind us that we are supported.”

She added in a later tweet: “The nurse who had been in charge on the day shift was in tears. She had barely eaten all day and was a little emotional. It really has reported our faith in humans”. 

The tweet received a lot of praise, with thousands of retweets and likes, and some people even saying they would copy their example and make a similar gesture.

One person wrote: “What an amazing gesture. The next generation make me proud.”

While the group of friends remain anonymous, nurses did discover that the pizzas came from a takeaway based in Stone, Staffordshire.

*An earlier version of this article said the pizza was sent by a group of sixth form students, this has been corrected.

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Jason Manford has been driving the elderly and vulnerable to their Covid-19 vaccinations

He shared his busy day with his followers



jasonmanford / Instagram

Jason Manford has been out and about in Greater Manchester, helping people get their Covid-19 vaccinations.

The comedian has been out in Stockport helping locals get to vaccine centres, and he managed to get a cheeky dig in at anti-vaxxers while he was at it.

The 39-year-old posted a photo from a vaccination centre car park in Heald Green, sharing his ‘busy day’ with his followers.

Jason, who’s from Salford, took aim at people who believe anti-vaccination theories about Bill Gates and microchips.

Jason Manford / Facebook

He wrote: “Busy day at the vaccination centre today here in Heald Green. Have already taken 3 people & have got another 3 to do! Same again tomorrow & Friday.

“I do wonder why Bill Gates wants to chip poor old Doris from Offerton, but ours is not to reason why I suppose.”

Fans took to the comments to praise the comic, with one saying: “Doing a fantastic job, Jason. World’s a better place with people like you in it”.

Another added: “Absolute credit . Other celebs should take a leaf out of your book pal”.

Jason Manford / Instagram

Jason was previously awarded for his efforts in helping others during the coronavirus crisis, receiving The High Sheriff of Greater Manchester Special Recognition Award.

The comedian said he was ‘chuffed’ to receive the award, after he was recognised for his ‘outstanding activity and contributing to the community amid the coronavirus pandemic’ as a volunteer at charity Rainbow Haven.

He added that it was a privilege to ‘do his bit’ during these testing times.


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People are sharing a simple hack for relieving migraines that ‘works wonders’

Make sure you know this one



A hack that uses a simple household clothes peg has gone viral on social media, with tonnes of people reporting how well it works at relieving symptoms of a migraine. 

Around six million people suffer from migraines in the UK, with an estimated 190,000 attacks every day in England. 

According to the National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), a migraine is a headache disorder that manifests as recurring attacks that last from four to 72 hours involving a throbbing head pain or moderate to severe intensity. 

Often, it is often accompanied by nausea, and sometimes by vomiting, and sensitivity to light, sound and other stimuli. 

Kez Meakin/Facebook

Sharing on Facebook, Kaz Meakin said that sometimes her migraines would be so bad she ‘would be in bed for days with them’. However, she added that the simple hack with a clothes peg is simple and the only thing that relieves the pain.

Sharing a photo of the peg clipped on the skin between thumb and first finger, she wrote: “Whoever told me this idea for migraines, thank you.

“My head has been killing me over the last week and I have a peg in the car… it might look daft, but it bloody works, so a massive thank you.”

The post racked up over 169K shares with Kaz telling people to persevere with the peg and move the peg to find your pressure point. 

After receiving questions in the comments, Kaz did confirm that it is ‘just a normal clothes peg’, before adding that ‘if it doesn’t work first time try moving it to find your pressure point. Don’t give up’.

She added: “Yes I do suffer with really bad migraines to the point I would be in bed for days with them. This has really helped me.”

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