Man working on makeshift coronavirus hospital has warning for UK

We need to take this seriously…



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A man working on London’s new makeshift hospital to deal with the coronavirus outbreak has filmed a warning to the UK.

The construction worker is seen walking around the ExCel Centre in the capital, which is being transformed into a temporary hospital, due to open next week.

It will be called NHS Nightingale, and is being set up to provide 4,000-beds so health care workers can better deal with the coronavirus pandemic.

The worker says he didn’t take the situation seriously until he saw what they are building, saying ‘they’re preparing for an absolute high death toll here’.

In the video he says: “Just here making the new, makeshift hospital. Currently making up cables for it. But I didn’t take this virus very seriously until I saw this this morning.

“I come in and this is the size of the hall. It’s where it’s all going. We’ve got 4,000 beds to go in. Two morgues. This hall is a kilometre long. And there’s a hall out on the other side as well.

“Not sure what’s happening there. Just wanted to keep you all updated. If you’re not taking it seriously like I wasn’t, I think we really need to start, because they’re preparing for an absolute high death toll here.

“ExCel, London, welcome to NHS Nightingale”

The government is making plans to open similar hospitals throughout the country, with the old G-MEX in Manchester put forward as the obvious choice if we were to need one up here.

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