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Liam Gallagher sends Noel birthday message and sparks fresh Oasis reunion hopes

What’s the story?

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Liam Gallagher has tweeted his brother and ex-bandmate during lockdown for his birthday. 

The brothers are often involved in a bitter war of words but today saw Liam take to Twitter to write: “Happy birthday Rkid have a good 1 love you long time LG x”, for Noel’s 53rd birthday.

Fans responded with praise, with one writing: “that’s very beautiful Liam” to which he replied “Beautiful is my middle name.”

The two brothers have been publicly feuding since Noel announced he quit the band in August 2009. Since then, there have been countless digs from the brothers and little hope of them making up.

But Liam raised hopes of the Oasis reunion we’ve all been after in the replies to his birthday message.

One fan replied to the birthday tweet saying: “Are you still hopefull that Oasis will be once again?” – to which the singer responded with ‘More than ever’, so fingers crossed we’re closer to seeing the band get back together.

Liam has also shown his softer side in lockdown reaching out to his sometime rival Robbie Williams to send support over family issues.  

He wrote: “Oi Robbie balboa it’s LG I hear you got shit going down in your fam I’m sorry to hear that love n light going out to your family stay cool and in tune LG x”.

It looks like Robbie Williams appreciated the message, responding with: “Brother.that means a lot to me ..Carry on being celestial .the world needs you .Your fan rob”

Liam has also announced a free arena show for NHS workers following the hard work during the coronavirus crisis.

The show was announced again on his Twitter, with Liam wrote: “It’s an honour to announce that I will be doing a gig for the NHS and careworkers at London’s TheO2 on October 29th. They do an incredible job, we are very lucky to have them. LG x”

There’s also more hope than ever before we might see Oasis again, with the singer putting out a demand for an Oasis reunion with all the proceeds going to the NHS just a week before announcing his solo gig.

We can always dream…


Police towed away a £150k Bentley after the driver ‘tried to be smart’

Oh no…

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GMP / Facebook

Greater Manchester Police have shared the moment they carted off a £150,000 Bentley after the driver tried to be ‘smart’.

As the Bentley slogan goes, ‘there’s no replacement for displacement’, but this driver had to watch his white GT insurance-less Bentley cruise away from him, leaving him alone in the rain this weekend. Ouch. 

The car was spotted outside a city centre bar with no insurance over the weekend. Police say the driver of the convertible Continental GT ‘tried to be smart’, refusing to hand over the keys after they’d tracked him down.

It made no difference, though, as the police seized the car anyway and even took to social media to share pictures. 


The Facebook post said: “Car seized on Peter Street for no insurance. Driver was located with keys in a nearby bar.

“Trying to be smart, he refused to hand over the keys, thinking we’d leave his Bentley Continental GT where it was.

“How wrong, car was dragged onto back of recovery truck. #NoInsurance”

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Builders fix 94-year-old woman’s fence for free after she’s ripped off by ‘cowboys’

What an amazing gesture!

Alex Watson



Chris Sawdon / Facebook

A group of builders have won praise online after they corrected the work some ‘cowboys’ did for a pensioner for free. 

Chris Sawdon’s neighbour, a 94-year-old woman, was ripped off with some shoddy building work, but the response has seen people’s ‘faith in humanity restored’. 

Betty, who lives in Sherburn-In-Elmet, Yorkshire, had builders in to install a fence, but within three days this had blown down as they had barely put the posts in the ground. 

When her neighbour Chris called out on the local Facebook community page he was overwhelmed with the response and a local company, Denby Building Contractors, responded – offering to fix the work for free.

Chris Sawdon / Facebook

He wrote in his Facebook post: “A fantastic local company DENBY Building Contractors responded to the post and came round today to put the shoddy work right.

“They dug the holes to right depth, set posts properly and fitted all of the fence panels and even turned over the border and cleared away rubbish left by the other contractors. They did all this for FREE and would not take a penny even when my neighbour offered them some money.

“I cannot thank Steve and the guys at DENBY Building Contractors enough and highly recommend them to anybody needing any building or structural garden work doing.”

Chris Sawdon / Facebook

The post has seen huge support for the company, with many people asking for their number to have work done, while others said ‘what a great bunch of lads’ and ‘well done to Denby building contractors so proud of you guys’. 

It seems that lockdown has sparked a sense of community everywhere, with community spirit doubling throughout lockdown.

The Guardian reports that the numbers of people volunteering has soared – locally, one street in Denton held bingo games every three weeks at the start of lockdown to help combat loneliness. 

Today has restored my faith in humanity a little. My 94 year old next door neighbour was ripped off last week by some…

Posted by Chris Sawdon on Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Well done lads, what an amazing gesture! What’s the best example of community spirit you’ve seen in lockdown? 

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Priest plays Liverpool’s ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ and tells United and City fans to ‘suck it up’


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A priest from Kilkenny in Ireland has told United and City fans to ‘suck it up’ while playing Liverpool’s ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ during mass.

Fr Tobin praised his parishioners for their ‘extraordinary’ efforts throughout coronavirus just before his final hymn for the day. 

He said: “These times have not been ordinary, they have been extraordinary. But you have also been extraordinary good, and for that I thank you.”

He then added: “And for all the people from Liverpool or who support Liverpool, we are going to have our final hymn for you this morning and let the Man Uniteds, and the Man Citys, and the Chelseas, and all the rest of them, suck this up.”

Then the iconic You’ll Never Walk Alone blasted through the church speakers as he began his final prayers. 

Some fans – definitely not Mancs – have praised Fr Tobin actions and the footage has been shared on an Irish Liverpool fan social media page with huge support.

One fan wrote: “We are so lucky to have Fr Tobin. Every Parish could do with a priest like him.

“He really understands people and is loved by all the school kids.”

One wrote; ‘Not a football fan… but that was fantastic,’ while another said: ‘That was great he did that! Well done Fr Tobin.’

Whether you’re a Red or a Blue, this hurts…

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