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Greater Manchester house transformed into incredible festive ‘winter wonderland’

This is amazing!



Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

A house in Wigan has gone viral on social media due to its epic winter wonderland transformation.

I’d say it’s officially the time of year where it’s not too early to be putting up your Christmas tree – especially not this year. 

One family have taken that one step further and turned the front of their house into a massive display of Christmas decs that competes with Housing Units amazing display. 

On Fairman Drive in Hindley, Wigan, Mike Denaro has decorated his house in the name of charity and festive cheer.

Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

The stunning display has taken weeks to put together, starting just after Bonfire Night and costing in total ‘a good couple of thousand pounds’. 

The house near Leigh is decorated with eight cherry trees covered in at least a thousand lights plus spruce trees scattered around the garden.

There’s also lasers, giant snowflakes and even a snowy garden path complete with half a dozen acrylic figures and a snow machine to top it all off.

The house is also covered with a festive snow blanket. 

Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

Mr Denaro says all the time, effort and cost for doing the display was worth it to see the ‘amazing’ response he’s had online.

He told the MEN: “It’s totally worth it to see the smiles on kids faces and their parents as well – everyone loves it.

“It looks like such a nice little winter wonderland, especially when it’s just going dark with all the lights and snow.

“I always do a lot for Christmas as I’m ex-forces so it was always the one time I got to come home and see family – so I’ve always had a Christmas village inside.

“The outdoor display started with a few decorated cherry trees and has since grown with acrylic figures, lights and a snow machine. It gets bigger and bigger every year.”

He added: “We thought we’d start it earlier this year to spread some cheer this year, we could do with some nice things like this at the moment.

“All the neighbours were asking when we were going to put it up – everyone’s been really excited.”

Mike is collecting money for a charity very close to his heart, Wigan and Leigh Hospice. 

He said: “My grandad went there and I know some family friends who have been there – it’s just a lovely place to raise money for.

“They’ve struggled a lot with PPE during the pandemic so anything we can do for them will go a long way.

Mike Denaro/Facebook/Hindley Residents Association

“It’s a really big cause that means a lot to the local community. They are nice caring people and I’m more than happy to support them.”

The show-stopping snow machine will be on every Friday and Saturday night at 6:30pm to help Mike save on costs.

The self-employed graphic designer continued: “I’m amazed how well it’s taken off, there’s loads of community spirit around here and people have been 100% behind it.

“It was just something that I enjoy doing and I do because I love Christmas and it’s great that it makes other people as happy as I am with it.

“I’ve had so many shares and likes online and everyone’s asking where I am so they can come and look at it.”

There is set to be a few more additions to the display including more figures and a picket fence. 

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Shopper shows off ‘stunning’ Christmas decorations which cost as little as 28p at The Range

What a bargain!



Jaggery/Geograph & Sherice Crosby/Facebook

Shoppers can’t get enough of The Range’s cheap and cheerful Christmas decs. 

A woman has shared her ‘dirt cheap’ Christmas decorations she has snapped up at The Range on the Extreme Couponing and Bargains Facebook Group.

Captioning a picture of her beautifully decorated tree, she wrote: “Absolutely in love with my baubles from The Range. Seen a few people say about the Range.

“Video doesn’t do them justice at all.”

Sherice Crosby/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group/Facebook

The woman’s tree donned stunning glittery gold, silver and white baubles and twinkling lights.

She also added the receipt with prices of baubles starting at just 28p, others ranged from 40p to 45p. 

Needless to say, her fellow bargain hunters were blown away by her haul. One commented: “Wow looks fabulous !!!!”

Another said: “I’ve got all these too…I love the range for baubles.”

“I’ve been to the range today and they have some really lovely baubles, and decorations in there,” one admitted.

Sherice Crosby/Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group/Facebook

Other shoppers gave a handy hint to head to The Range in January when they have huge sales with discounts of up to 70% on decorations.

One wrote: “I know where we are going in January”, and a second said: “I did the same last year got loads of beautiful bits for next to nothing”.

A third said: “Its so cheap anyway! but always handy to stock up on a new theme for the next year even cheaper.”

Find your nearest The Range here.

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B&M shoppers shocked to find ‘x-rated’ detail on popular Christmas decoration




@tourettesbian / TikTok

Shoppers ‘stunned’ by surprising detail on one of B&M’s Christmas decorations.

A woman shared the ‘x-rated’ detail that can be found on a ‘cute’ Christmas reindeer ornament on Facebook.

The white festive decoration includes a reindeer with a number of adorable animals on its back including a sleeping fox, an owl, a rabbit and a squirrel, as well as a robin on top of one of its antlers.

Thinking it would make the perfect addition to her mantlepiece, the woman and many others put it in her basket. 

@tourettesbian / TikTok

It wasn’t until she turned it over to see the price tag she noticed a very realistic set of male genitals.

The shopper shared a snap of the £10 ornament on a Facebook group writing: “So I was just in B&M and saw this stag. Thought it was pretty cute.

“I go to find the barcode as it wasn’t round its neck where it usually is so thought it may be a stuck on somewhere…

“I turn it over & see that.”

@tourettesbian / TikTok

More recently, a TikTok video of the ornament has gone viral showcasing the reindeers meat and two veg with the caption ‘B&M have some explaining to do’.

The video has been liked more than one million times and racked up hundreds of thousands of likes.

A B&M spokesperson said: “We don’t want to come across as cocky but we think we’ve got the best range of decorations on the high street this year!

“Our stag ornament has sold really well – we can’t help but think it’s because of his big personality.”


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Mum demands £450 compensation from babysitter who fed chicken nuggets to her vegetarian kids

Who is to blame?



McDonald'sUK/Twitter & The Food Pornographer/Flickr

A babysitter fed two children a McDonald’s Happy Meal after their request, but their mum was furious because they are vegetarian.

The babysitter has refused to pay £450 ‘emotional support money’ to the mum after feeding her children chicken nuggets, because she wasn’t told they were vegetarian.

The 19-year-old babysitter has been babysitting for two years and was asked to look after two children from a new family.

The kids, nine and seven, were well-behaved while with the childminder who in reward for their good behaviour said they could have a Happy Meal after they requested one.


Both children and the parents failed to mention the kids were vegetarians. It lead to a blazing row when the parents returned to collect their kids and found out they had eaten chicken.

The babysitter explained: “The mom came home early and saw her children eating chicken nuggets. She literally ripped the nuggets out of their hands and started screaming that I’m horrible for allowing her children to eat dead corpses and yelling at her children for eating the meat.

“She kicked me out without paying me and then later text me saying that I need to pay her $300 (£227) for each kid for the emotional damage I have caused them and if I didn’t she’d take me to court.

“I refused to pay the money and told her that she should have told me that she was vegetarian and I would have made sure to completely respect her family diet choice and since she didn’t tell me it’s not my fault.

“She said that I shouldn’t just assume everyone eats meat.”


The sitter took to Reddit to ask how to handle the situation, unfazed by the legal threat as both her father and brother are lawyers.

One commented on the post: “It was her responsibility to tell you her kids were vegetarian. She still owes you money for babysitting. I’d be willing to bet she has pulled this stunt before to get out of paying and maybe try to get some extra cash.

“I find it weird that neither kid mentioned they didn’t eat meat and they wanted a happy meal.”


A second said: “Give her contact info to your lawyers. Ask her when you can expect to be paid or if you should settle that as well in court”.

Another said: “Call her bluff. She’ll be laughed at in court.”

Who do you think is to blame in the situation?

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