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A Center Parcs scam managed to trick more than 17,000 people in a matter of hours

Be careful!




Thousands of people were tricked by a fake Center Parcs page that was offering a huge prize into giving away their personal details.

Trading Standards has warned people about a Center Parcs scam that tricked more than 17,000 people in a matter of hours.

The fake Center Parcs page was set up to offer people a chance to win a free stay at the Longleat resort in Warminster.

But the competition – and page – were fake, designed to scam people into giving away their personal information or to help grow the fake page. 

Wiltshire Trading Standards/Facebook

Wiltshire Trading Standards (WTS) issued a warning online urging people to recognise scams and remain vigilant on social media.

Taking to Facebook, WTS shared images of the scammer’s page and post which promised ‘a free Center Parcs holiday for 4 at Longleat and £500 to spend’, including ‘free travel’.

WTS wrote: “Spoiler Alert – You aren’t going to win a holiday but you may lose out to scammers. This page was set up 3 hours ago and already has almost 18k shares.

“The page was only set up today and does not belong to the official @centerparcsuk.”

Wiltshire Trading Standards/Facebook

The post continued: “Scammers set up these pages to obtain your personal data or to collect likes (in this case the page is later sold/changed names by the scammers to fill your newsfeed with spam).

“By ‘signing up’ you’re giving the scammers your personal details.

“Our advice is to spend a few minutes checking out pages before liking and sharing posts such as these. When was the page set up? How many posts are on the original page?

“Does the page have the blue tick to confirm the profile is the official page of the business it’s claiming to be?”

Some people commented on the post explaining they couldn’t believe some people fell for the trick.

One user wrote: “The old adage applies to the internet as well. If something looks too good to be true it probably is.”

Another wrote: “If you do fall for this maybe you shouldn’t be allowed on the internet unsupervised.”

Wiltshire Trading Standards/Facebook

A spokesperson for Center Parcs said: “Like a lot of well-known brands, our brand name has been used without permission by unauthorised Facebook pages on a number of occasions.

“We have been made aware of an unauthorised page on Facebook offering the chance to win a Center Parcs break and can confirm this is not genuine. We have reported this to Facebook.

“We would like to remind people not to enter their details or share the page. If ever in doubt about a post, please visit our official Facebook page to check if it is genuine.”

The page has now been removed, however another similar one was created on the same day, already gaining 56,000 likes. 

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Warning to ‘Instagram hikers’ trekking to view plane crash on the moors above Glossop

Be careful!



Stephen Burton/Geograph

Mountain rescuers have issued a warning to ‘Instagram hikers’ trekking to an eerie plane crash site on the mores above Glossop.

It comes following a weekend where Glossop Mountain Rescue Team were called out to two incidents in just three hours, after walkers got into trouble trying to reach the remote spot.

Visitors to the crash site in Bleaklow Moor have sky rocketed in lockdown with the site becoming an unlikely hit on social media.

Now, the GMRT team leader, Patch Hale has warned visitors that the elevation and inhospitable route makes for a difficult challenge for even experienced hikers.

Ron Layters/Geograph

He said: “Visitors should be aware that social media only tells them half the story. Always check the weather before you set off.

“Conditions can change without warning at these elevations, and low cloud can reduce visibility drastically.

“It’s easy to get disorientated and wet, and that’s when hypothermia can set in.

“And remember to allow plenty of time to get back before sunset, as conditions underfoot will become claggy, and navigation nearly impossible.

“Make sure you bring food, water, a torch, and a map and compass. And be confident you can use them.”

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Mum puts kids to bed in next day’s clothes to save time in the morning and says it ‘works wonders’




The mum-of-two says her trick works wonders for saving time in the morning.

Lisa Lamond stars in an Australian renovation show, House Rules, on which she revealed her trick to save time in the morning.

The pre-school routine for her and many other parents can often be difficult with young children.

She said her daughters, Arabella, three and Ruby who is two like to dress themselves head to toe as they strive for independence.


Lisa added: “On days I’m working in particular, I don’t have a spare hour while they pull up one sock.

“So the best piece of advice I’ve been given is to dress your kids the night before in the clothes you want them to go out in.”

In the morning, she simply wakes her kids up, changes their nappy and puts on the shoes. She said: “It works wonders for me and where I’m at in life at the moment.”

Lisa also recommends taking advantage of online supermarket delivery to save the hassle of shopping with two young children and to leave the weekend for quality family time.


Lisa also said one her daughters has become attached and struggled to go to nursery. She said by printing out words with pictures of both the morning and evening routine it can help the little one preempt what’s coming up when she’s starting to feel anxious.

She urged parents to not compare themselves with other mums and dads, admitting at one stage she wouldn’t go out because she thought she couldn’t control her daughters and felt embarrassed.

She said: “We all have our own pace and ways of coping, but I got over it and learned how to diffuse the situation.”

You can follow the family on Instagram here.



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Mums slam people who put their Christmas tree up early saying it’s ‘vulgar’ and ‘tacky’

You do you, tbh…



neonbrand & Caleb Fisher/Unsplash

Mums on Mumsnet have called people who put their tree up before December ‘tacky’ and ‘vulgar’.

While we won’t judge you, either way, some people have got pretty strong opinions on exactly when they and everyone around them should put their Christmas trees up.

Some do it just after Halloween, others wait until December 1st, while some might do it as soon as the autumn leaves fall – and after the year we’ve had, you can’t really begrudge anyone wanting to spread some festive cheer, can you?

A number of parents have headed to Mumsnet to let everyone know their thoughts on the matter.

One person said any time before December was ‘ridiculously too early’, adding: “Were you born in a barn?”

A second went one step further (possibly too far): “NOT before December 1st. We need laws. Including the death penalty for shops who put Xmas stuff out in September.”

A third commented: “No it’s stupidly, embarrassingly early.” Someone else said putting decorations up before December ‘ludicrous’. 

One mum let everyone else know exactly what she thought, writing: “Trees up this early is so tacky! Don’t do it. Christmas Eve to Twelfth Night. Anything else is a bit vulgar really.”

edik niko/Unsplash

Someone thought mid-December is the right time adding: “25th November is insanely early too! 15th December is the earliest it should go up. Down on the 6th of January.”

A lot of these people were slammed as the Grinch for not getting in the festive spirit.

When do you think is the perfect time to put your tree up? Just do that, tbh…


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